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Mohsen and Masi looked smitten with each other from the moment I met them. They wanted to cherish a moment of their budding relationship with photographs and I was happy to help. That and I was able to combine to two things I love, photographing and the beach! What’s not to love? 🙂
The reserved couple shared their appreciation for the gorgeous Toronto skyline and wanting it as part of their photos. This had us hiking up the rocky lake shore, me with my sandals and Masi with her stilletos! It was quite an adventure on its own… but we survived and ended up with some amazing captures of the tender moments they shared.

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The Kids

A while ago, January this year to be exact, on a lazy sunday afternoon, while visiting a good friend, I found the kids lounging bored in the living room. “The Kids” being the loving nickname for the collective pets of me and my friend (I have a 2 year old mutt, she owns a cat and dog). The term came about shortly after my friend adopted a new cat named Benji, not for a boy, but for a rather spunky girl who she swears is half bengal… hence the name.

Anyway back to my point, so on that lazy afternoon, I had the urge to photograph this young kitten, barely a few months old, and soft as a bucket of… uh kittens? Well one photo turned into a hundred, and simply put… I decided to let the rest of “the kids” join in for some family portraits. Who says cats and dogs fight? 🙂 *albeit photo number #7 proves my theory wrong…

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Pretty in Pink

I had the pleasure of photographing Amber, a few months after she was born, when she was a itty bitty little thing. So several months later, being called in on a special favour, I was asked to photograph her first birthday, which was held at the Atlantis Pavilion in Toronto down by Lakeshore.

From attention to detail like pink balloons, pink flowers and pink cupcakes to the decor of the venue against the beautiful Toronto skyline backdrop made for a memorable event. Amber was a sight for sore eyes in her white and pink taffeta dress while her parents, Pari and Ravi, were also adoringly dressed in shades of pink to match the theme.

While Amber was engrossed with the pink helium balloons and energetically trying to run away everywhere, I was able to capture some picturesque moments; My favourite photo being the family portrait of the Oza family truly cherishing their firstborn’s 1st birthday.

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