Suvi Naga

Six months

Sophia and her fiance-to-be were one of the most memorable couple’s I’ve shot. They were sweet and fun to work with. Their gentle, almost shy and loving interaction with each other – prompted me to ask them how long they had been dating. From first impression, I assumed they had been together for a few months and were engaged fast; but to my utter surprise they said 6 years. I found it amazing that even after 6 years of dating they looked very much “in love” and as if they had been dating only 6 months. That’s not to say most couple aren’t in love after 6 years, but to find a couple that dated long and still deeply respect and love each other the same, as they did 6 months in… well that’s a thing of beauty!

I wish them both many more years of “being in love”…

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Fun with food

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Cold Hands, Warm Hearts

It was a frosty early fall evening, when I stepped out with this adorable couple. They were completely smitten with each other and kept cuddling up to stay warm… or so they say 😉 I don’t blame them and that however made for some great shots. It doesn’t hurt that they are easy on the eyes either 😉

I just love how this series came out, it was soft and dreamy, making my job incredibly hard to narrow down to my favourites. But alas, here it is, a longer than normal post for you guys. Enjoy!

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