Cheeky Boy

Shyon is a shy but smart little boy who I was excited to photograph. His exotic looks (thanks to his Jamaican/Persian ethnicity), pinch-able cheeks and mischievousness all contributed to why children are fun to shoot. Normally most people warm up and relax more throughout the photoshoot and end up having the better and more natural photos towards the end of a shoot as opposed to the beginning.

However, with this little guy, what started out as the test shots in his home clothes, turned out to be the genuine moments. He was in his element, playful, curious as to why this lady was here in his home with all the fancy equipments, setting up strange lights and carrying one too many white umbrellas… when it wasn’t raining.

While his curiousity was piqued – I was able to capture these beautiful moments way before he was even changed into his fancier clothes. This goes to prove, that you cannot predict your child’s behaviour, rather you have to let them be comfortable as they are.

With a head full of curls and a shy genuine smile – what’s not to love? 🙂

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Little Baby J

On a sunny afternoon and in a spacious room, I setup to photograph Baby Jack in his home. This was the best room to work in as it was warm enough for the baby without his clothes, flooded with sunshine thanks to large windows and plenty of play space. Baby Jack woke up a few minutes after I setup, just in time for the shoot, and he looked adorable lying on the soft throw…

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Bright-eyed Tabi

Tabi, short for Tabitha, was a delight to work with. With chubby fingers that always wanted to grab and chew on something, whether it’s the ribbon from her flower hat, her new brown boots or her tiny little toes (aah… the marvel of flexible limbs) *Speaking of little brown booties – aren’t they just adorable!

With her infectious giggles and her bright mesmerizing blues, I couldn’t help fall in love with Tabi and love how these photograph turned out.

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Curious Dennis

Dennis was cute as a button, and was cautious but curious throughout the shoot. I was able to get him to come out of his shell by introducing him to a little dog named Baby. For hours he played with her and her squeaky toys (which drives her crazy to play ball). In the end he was all giggles, full of energy and perfectly ready for the photos.

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Beauty in Canada

I had the pleasure of working with Chancel Beckenlehner who was competing in 2009 Miss Universe Canada pageant, and placed in the Top 12. She’s an elegant and sweet girl that’s also hard working – always on the go. While studying, working and volunteering she was taking the time to compete in the Pageant and I was happy to support her.

This specific photoshoot was taken at the beautiful heritage village called Unionville and was to promote one of Chanel’s sponsor’s, Paris Boutique. The evening and bridal gowns by Paris Boutique are exceptional and were beauty pageant worthy. Chanel looked quite like the winning portrait of a beauty queen.

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