Talent Headshots of Nilou Safa

Nilou Safa is a registered Personal Trainer and Kickboxing instructor from Vancouver, BC. She has an extensive background in fitness and martial arts. However recently having moved to Toronto, she is seeking to further pursue her acting career. Her portfolio mostly consisted of fitness shoots, so she wanted to update her Actor Headshots to portray the softer side for different typecasting.

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Professional Headshots: Jacqueline W.

Sometimes clients approach me for Headshots, and sometimes they are very specific about what they want. Jacqueline was looking to update her LinkedIn Profile Photo with something more Professional and Natural. She was enthuasiastic about shooting her Headshots with me, as she had seen some of my previous work and wanted to mimic the same look.

Now when a client asks specifically for the style of photography I love to do and deliver, and they sort me out, it is the ideal match made in heaven! So I was only too happy to oblige. I knew I wanted to showcase her beautiful baby blues, and also make the portraits as natural as possible and Work-Friendly. We were able to achieve these beautiful creamy (and dreamy!) portraits of her and I absolutely love it!

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Actor Headshots: Ricardo Smith

Ricardo Smith is an actor who specializes in mostly Action movies with a knack to easily pull on a tough guy face and in a blink of an eye switch to the guy next door. This photo session was to update his portfolio for upcoming new works.

Name: Ricardo Smith
Profession: Acting
Niche: Action Movies

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