Mohsen and Masi looked smitten with each other from the moment I met them. They wanted to cherish a moment of their budding relationship with photographs and I was happy to help. That and I was able to combine to two things I love, photographing and the beach! What’s not to love? 🙂
The reserved couple shared their appreciation for the gorgeous Toronto skyline and wanting it as part of their photos. This had us hiking up the rocky lake shore, me with my sandals and Masi with her stilletos! It was quite an adventure on its own… but we survived and ended up with some amazing captures of the tender moments they shared.

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Six months

Sophia and her fiance-to-be were one of the most memorable couple’s I’ve shot. They were sweet and fun to work with. Their gentle, almost shy and loving interaction with each other – prompted me to ask them how long they had been dating. From first impression, I assumed they had been together for a few months and were engaged fast; but to my utter surprise they said 6 years. I found it amazing that even after 6 years of dating they looked very much “in love” and as if they had been dating only 6 months. That’s not to say most couple aren’t in love after 6 years, but to find a couple that dated long and still deeply respect and love each other the same, as they did 6 months in… well that’s a thing of beauty!

I wish them both many more years of “being in love”…

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