Little Baby J

On a sunny afternoon and in a spacious room, I setup to photograph Baby Jack in his home. This was the best room to work in as it was warm enough for the baby without his clothes, flooded with sunshine thanks to large windows and plenty of play space. Jack woke up a few minutes after I setup, just in time for the shoot, and he looked adorable lying on the soft throw.

The new parents, Amanda and James, were nearby anxiously waiting to hold their little one. After a few single shots of Jack, I happily reunited Mom and Dad to join in on the fuzzy throw and encouraged them to talk to their son. The rest was… as they say, was a cake walk. The best moments are captured when the subject isn’t “trying to be” but is just “being”. The tender moments of the new parents looking at their precious little one – is worth a thousand pictures… but for this little blog post I can only share a teaser 🙂 Enjoy!


Sin-Design is founded by Suvi Naga, a female photographer from Toronto, offering both Professional Headshots and Memorable Baby & Family Portraits.
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