Retouching Details

Here are some of the tasks that take place in retouching a photo. Not all are applicable and each photo generally takes anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour. This doesn’t include extensive Retouching like combining two photographs, changing backgrounds, etc.

Eyes and teeth whitening

  • Saturate the eye colour (to bring out the blue, green or brown eyes)
  • Sharpen and brighten the eyes
  • Make the whites of the eyes whiter
  • Remove red vines / correct bloodshot eyes
  • Remove food or lipstick stain from teeth
  • Brighten teeth

Enhance Makeup (or Light Digital Makeup)

  • Enhance or add blush
  • Enhance or add lipstick
  • Change hue or saturation of lipstick
  • Sharpen and brighten the eyes
  • Slightly alter mouth shape

Face or Body Contouring

  • “Slim down” body or face
  • Minimize rolls or lumps on body or outfit

Flawless Skin Smoothing

  • Minimize freckles and acnes
  • Remove scars or moles
  • Minimize pores for a natural look (no blur effect)
  • Even skin tone (reduce splotchy uneven skin tone)
  • Fix overly tanned or burnt skin
  • Add “colour” to pale or washed out skin
  • Minimize or remove dark under eyes
  • Minimize or remove wrinkles


  • Fix or remove fly away hairs around face
  • Smooth down fly away hairs around head
  • Enhance hair curls or texture
  • Add more volume to hair

See below for some retouching examples of past clients: