The Kids

A while ago, January this year to be exact, on a lazy sunday afternoon, while visiting a good friend, I found the kids lounging bored in the living room. “The Kids” being the loving nickname for the collective pets of me and my friend (I have a 2 year old mutt, she owns a cat and dog). The term came about shortly after my friend adopted a new cat named Benji, not for a boy, but for a rather spunky girl who she swears is half bengal… hence the name.

Anyway back to my point, so on that lazy afternoon, I had the urge to photograph this young kitten, barely a few months old, and soft as a bucket of… uh kittens? Well one photo turned into a hundred, and simply put… I decided to let the rest of “the kids” join in for some family portraits. Who says cats and dogs fight? 🙂 *albeit photo number #7 proves my theory wrong…



Sin-Design is founded by Suvi Naga, a female photographer from Toronto, offering both Professional Headshots and Memorable Baby & Family Portraits.
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